September 06, 2017


The Rough Diamond Project | Campbell Jewellers | Dublin's Diamond Specialist

At Campbell Jewellers Dublin's Diamond Specialist we are constantly making beautiful diamond engagement rings, simple, classic, and elegant solitaire diamond engagement rings, we also love pushing boundaries and creating bespoke diamond engagement rings of world class design right here in the heart of Dublin City in our workshop.

This is a video of a selection of rough diamonds we are going to use in an organic series of bespoke diamond rings, as you can see the diamonds are rough... There is a natural beauty in rough diamonds which are plucked straight from the ground, so we are going to celebrate the rough diamonds in this series.

If you would like to be involved in this series/collection or would like to see what rough diamonds we have available and have us design a bespoke rough cut diamond engagement ring just for you tailored to your exacting requirements we would love to hear from you.

Drop us a line at and feel free to subscribe to our channel to see these very unique rings as they progress through the design and hand crafted process we love so much! 

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July 07, 2017


Who To Trust For Advice When Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring?

Hands up who recommends and trusts Campbell Jewellers Dublin for Diamond Engagement Rings?
Recently over in the UK & Dubai two companies have been forced to into liquidation in the public interest for their part in a coloured diamond scam  IGL Labs UK Limited (IGL) and Diffraction Diamonds DMCC (Diffraction) after a hearing in the companies court.
The scam involved IGL which is based near Hatton Garden, providing certificates to Diffraction a company based in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai. The diamonds were sold to the general public with massively over inflated prices.
IGL never even saw the diamonds they were 'certifying' and increased the actual grade level of the diamonds in order to the justify the massively over inflated price the public were conned into handing over.
No matter how much research a member of the public does before jumping in to buy a diamond engagement ring whether it is for a €500, €5,000, €20,000 or €200,000 ring they will never do more than scratch the surface of the world of diamonds, simply popping into multiple jewellery shops and walking away with the little business card with the price, colour, carat weight very minimal information and comparing that at home against the other 3 or 4 business cards from other jewellery shops and going on the web to look at stock photos of diamonds which seem amazing value does not make you an expert, in fact it will probably confuse you more, that is why you need to put your trust into a company that is long established in the City or town you are considering buying your diamond from. 
Ronan Campbell - Campbell Jewellers Managing Director has been buying and studying diamonds for over 17 years and loves nothing more than explaining to his clients far more than the simplistic "four c's", there are also many wonderful long established jewellers in Dublin City that have amazing reputations built up over years because their clients trust them to provide quality diamonds. There are also others who have themselves little or no real life experience or knowledge who seem to have woke up one day and thought, hey I'm going to sell diamonds. 
At Campbell Jewellers we only buy our diamonds from reputable sources, in many cases from families who for generations have cut and polished diamonds and who we can trust. 'It is trust that makes the diamond business work'.
We see diamonds each week coming into us for valuations bought across the world from Dubai to Grand Cayman with all sorts of dubious certification in regular cases the diamonds are of such poor quality we would never even offer them to a client in the first place. 
For a moment think about how awkward that conversation is for us when we have to explain to a loved up couple who have just returned from a whirlwind engagement all giddy and excited making plans for a wedding to find out they have been sold a dud with no recourse open to them because they actually got what they paid for, maybe the slick sales person glossed over the fact the diamond was artificially enhanced, maybe they just focused on the colour and ignored the poor symmetry, maybe they failed to explain the diamond is milky because of the level or type of fluorescence, the list is endless.
It is far more beneficial to a client to hand over the trust to someone like Ronan Campbell who studies every diamond we offer which is not just bought because it ticks the 4 c's boxes, but because it is a beautiful stone.
Just one of the IGL diamonds presented to us for inspection, this diamond is so poor in quality it really is worthless, the client said he trusted the website it was purchased on. 
IGL Diamond - Scam
Have a peek at our Official Instagram to view bespoke diamond engagement rings we have made for clients recently
To arrange an appointment with Ronan send an email to 
Campbell Jewellers Dublin specialising in GIA certified diamonds from 0.5cts all the way up and over 10.00cts in Round, Pear, Princess, Marquise, Asscher, Oval and fantasy cut diamonds, we can also have a diamond specifically cut in a bespoke shape just for you! 
Campbell Jewellers Dublin Official Instagram Account
Looking for something a little different than a traditional diamond engagement ring? Well check out Designyard who we are very proud partners of specialising in handmade contemporary jewellery by independant jewellery makers from Ireland, Europe and further afield.

Designyard Contemporary Jewellery Dublin Ireland

April 27, 2017


Handmade Bespoke Diamond Wedding Rings

Have you had that moment yet where you said, "I never thought about the wedding ring when I was getting my engagement ring" If so you have landed on the right page!
At Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village Dublin we love challenges, a recent client visited us with this gorgeous rose gold diamond cluster ring seeking to have a matching wedding ring made.
Rose Gold Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
This is something we do every day, in our workshop our skilled craftsmen and women will create the perfect matching wedding ring for any diamond engagement ring no matter how intricate the detail.
18ct Rose Gold Diamond Wedding & Engagement Ring Bespoke Set
If you have been to other jewellery stores and have had no success?
email to arrange an appointment and we will look after it from start to finish.
The devil is in the detail, in our state of the art Dublin City workshop we will hand carve any details which is required to create the perfect matching wedding band.
Bespoke Diamond Wedding Ring In 18ct Rose Gold & Diamonds
Campbell Jewellers create rings from platinum, palladium, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Our goldsmiths are the best in the business and there is nothing we cannot do.
We love being part of so many clients special days with 100's of wedding cards from our lovely clients we are in this journey together! 
Appointments in our Donnybrook Village Showroom:
Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village Dublin Ireland Goldsmiths
September 01, 2016


Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook village Dublin Ireland

At Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village Dublin Ireland.

We select the finest diamonds each week to create beautiful diamond rings for our clients, appointments are available in our Donnybrook Village showroom.
Oval Diamond engagement Rings Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village Dublin Ireland

If you are looking for a bespoke diamond engagement ring, a simple solitaire or an eternity ring your first port of call should be an informal conversation with Ronan our Diamond Specialist.

We specialise in finding unique diamonds that others just do not have access to, we have built up a trusted network of diamond mines & lapidaries across the world, diamonds of all shapes 1ct - 5cts amount to the majority of our business, we also have a beautiful selection of smaller diamonds under 1cts in size.
Our Master Goldsmiths will create the finest most elegant diamond ring just for you.
A Small Selection Of Possibilities Using Oval Diamonds For Your Engagement Ring
Platinum Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Dublin IrelandSolitaire Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers Dublin IrelandOval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers Dublin IrelandOval Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers Dublin IrelandInternally Flawless Oval Yellow Diamond Ring Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland3ct Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers DublinVintage Style Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers DublinOval Diamond Split Shoulder Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers Dublin


June 04, 2016


Bespoke Cufflink Commission For Client

Each week we get requests to commission interesting pieces of jewellery, a family heirloom in this case was the challenge to replicate, our client presented us with a pair of very old gold cufflinks and wanted 4 more pairs made exactly the same.
Here are the results, enjoy!
Original Cufflink Presented By Client
Bespoke Gold Cufflink Commission Campbell Jewellers Dublin IrelandBespoke Gold Cufflinks Commission Campbell Jewellers Dublin IrelandBespoke Gold Cufflink Commission Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Dublin
So we Set Out With The Original Cufflink And Here Are The Results Below We Would Love To Know What You Think, As Normal Our Extremely Talented Master Goldsmiths Produced The Results - The Client Was A Very Happy Lady! 
The Finished Gold Cufflinks Commission - Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland
The Finished Bespoke Gold Cufflinks Commission - Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland Finished Gold Cufflinks Commission - Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland
Campbell Jewellers Dublin Are Master Goldsmiths, mainly specialising in Diamond Engagement Rings But From Time To Time We Like To Do Interesting Commissions, We Would Love To Hear From You With Your Requests.
Video Of Our Bespoke cufflink commission 
You Can Visit Campbell Jewellers In Donnybrook Village Dublin 4 Ireland Or Get In Touch With Ronan Campbell Who Looks After All special Commissions Personally or +353 1 2600060
February 24, 2016


Where To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring In Dublin?

At Campbell Jewellers Dublin We Bring The Diamond Market Direct To You.

Our In House Diamond Experts Travel To Antwerp & Further A Field Every Two Weeks To Find The Finest Diamonds At The Best Possible Prices.

We Study Each Diamond Chosen At Great Length And Compare It To Many More Diamonds Of Similar Size And "Spec" Which Guarantees We Only Select The Best Diamonds On Offer Which We Use In Our Beautiful Engagement Rings.

Buying a diamond engagement ring simply based on the 4 C's does not guarantee you will get a nice diamond or value for money, even a D colour diamond which many consider to be the best can be a poor diamond if it has a sub par symmetry or polish which many prospective diamond engagement ring shoppers may never of heard about.

We understand diamonds and the craft behind making the finest diamond rings, in our Dublin studio our goldsmiths craft the finest diamond rings for our clients in Ireland and throughout the world.  

The term certification is a very loose term used in the diamond business and can be very confusing for a diamond ring buyer, we will educate you on GIA Certified Diamonds, HRD Certified Diamonds and IGI Certified Diamonds explaining the difference between them all and why one is more expensive than the other, we will also educate you on the pitfalls of diamond certification and what to look out for.

Each week we value diamond engagement rings for insurance purposes purchased abroad or at home in Ireland which are accompanied by "Certs" or "Certification" some of these certs are literally not worth the paper they are printed on. 

So How does the process work? Simply pick up the phone and call 01-2600060 or email to arrange an appointment, at this appointment Ronan Campbell our in house diamond expert will show you loose diamonds and finished diamond engagement rings to suit your budget and taste. You may find the ring of your dreams ready to go or we may create a bespoke diamond ring to suit your taste. 

Each week Ronan meets clients in our Donnybrook Dublin Showroom and the adventure starts with a simple, informal but very professional chat. 

Click The images Below To See A Recently Finished Platinum Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring Which Is Set With A Stunning 0.70ct GIA Certified Diamond It Is Currently Available To View In Our Donnybrook Dublin Showroom

Campbell Jewellers Diamond Engagement Ring Dublin IrelandCampbell Jewellers Platinum Solitaire Diamond Engagement RingCampbell Jewellers Dublin Platinum Engagement Ring


January 22, 2016


Dublin's GIA Certified Fancy Yellow Diamond Specialist

At Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village Dublin We love all diamonds but especially coloured diamonds, here is a snap shot of some of our latest creations which we custom made over the past few months for our clients who wanted something totally different.

Yellow diamonds are extremely rare one in every 10,000 diamonds dug up from the ground is a yellow, they are available in a range of intensities from very light yellow to very intense, finding the right yellow diamond is much more time consuming than a typical white diamond but we have developed it into an art form. 

Ronan our in house diamond specialist, who himself is a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graduate loves spending time searching the world through his trusted international contacts, from India, Hong Kong, USA & Europe to find the best GIA Certified yellow diamonds which our Master Goldsmiths then craft into truly unique diamond engagement rings.

Whether it is a Flawless Yellow, Internally Flawless Yellow or VS or SI we work with them all.

To arrange an appointment in our Donnybrook Village Showroom with Ronan you can email him directly or call 01-2600060

Campbell Jewellers Internally Flawless Pear Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Campbell Jewellers Internally Flawless Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers Emerald Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Campbell Jewellers Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

November 05, 2015


Seven Friday Watches Taking Over The World

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland

SevenFriday Watches Campbell Jewellers Dublin Ireland


October 28, 2015


Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring Specialist - Campbell Jewellers

Campbell Jewellers Diamond Engagement Ring Specialists Dublin Ireland
Each week in our Donnybrook Village gallery we meet clients to discuss what it is they would love as their perfect engagement ring.
Here is one we created which was collected last week, the client wanted a slight art deco feel to it.
I think we have created a magnificent diamond engagement ring, our master goldsmith seemed to be quite happy with himself but more importantly our client was over the moon.
Campbell Jewellers Bespoke Platinum Diamond Ring
We spent a lot of time on the planning of this ring before we set out to make it by hand using platinum, crafted by one of the most skilled goldsmiths in Ireland.
Campbell Jewellers Round Brilliant Baguette Platinum Engagement Ring
We had the magnificent 2ct+ centre diamond in our stock ready to go, it was a very impressive perfectly white diamond cut to our exacting standards.
We used 6 perfectly shaped and matching baguette cut diamonds to flank the main round brilliant cut diamond and give us that art deco feel while not looking too "antique" as per the requirement of our client.
If you would like to discuss a possible diamond engagement ring with Ronan Campbell our in house diamond specialist we would be delighted to arrange an appointment you can call +353 1 2600060 or email 
For the brave chap that is thinking of going it alone, you can get inspiration on our Instagram page each ring we custom make for our clients is posted and catalogued
Campbell Jewellers Instagram Page Diamond Ring Specialist 
Campbell Jewellers Conflict Free Diamonds
Campbell Jewellers Respects The Kimberley Process
October 21, 2015


Campbell Jewellers Watch Repair Experts Dublin

At Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village
We will take care of all of your watch making requirements.
Our horology team will take care of your watch as if it is their own.
Need a battery or a fine Italian leather strap... We can do that while you wait from €10.00! Cracked or chipped the glass in your watch... we can fix that from €25!
Are you lucky enough to own a fine Swiss watch, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Frank Muller or Cartier...Is it loosing time or would you like it to be completely refurbished both inside and out to look like the day you received it? We can do that to!

Our Rolex trained watchmaker is one of the best in the business, we only deliver the finest quality watch repairs but our prices are pretty amazing to! 

We offer a free estimates on all watch repair work, we will give you all the information you require to make an informed decision before you proceed.

We look forward to serving you.
If you have any queries Email Ronan Campbell
Or Call 01-2600060
Sunday Private Appointments Available
Campbell Jewellers Dublin's Diamond Engagement Ring Specialist 
Recent Watches Which We Have Refurbished or repaired for their owners
Patek Philippe Watch Repair Specialist Dublin
Cartier Watch Repair Specialist Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village
Rolex Air King Watch Repair Specialist Campbell Jewellers Dublin
Gold Omega Constellation Watch Repair Campbell Jewellers Dublin
Hysek Swiss Luxury Watch Repair Specialist Dublin Campbell Jewellers
Rolex Watch Repair Specialist Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village Dublin Ireland
Franck Muller Swiss Watch Repair Specialist Campbell Jewellers Dublin
Cartier Roadster Watch Repair Specialist Campbell Jewellers Dublin
Cartier Santos Watch Repair Specialist Campbell Jewellers Dublin
IWC Swiss Watch Repairs Specialist Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook DublinIWC Swiss Watch Repairs Dublin Ireland Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village