September 06, 2017


Appointments to view loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings can be made by emailing (Donnybrook Village Dublin 4 & Dublin 2 City Centre Location only)
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The Rough Diamond Project | Campbell Jewellers | Dublin's Diamond Specialist

At Campbell Jewellers Dublin's Diamond Specialist we are constantly making beautiful diamond engagement rings, simple, classic, and elegant solitaire diamond engagement rings, we also love pushing boundaries and creating bespoke diamond engagement rings of world class design right here in the heart of Dublin City in our workshop.

This is a video of a selection of rough diamonds we are going to use in an organic series of bespoke diamond rings, as you can see the diamonds are rough... There is a natural beauty in rough diamonds which are plucked straight from the ground, so we are going to celebrate the rough diamonds in this series.

If you would like to be involved in this series/collection or would like to see what rough diamonds we have available and have us design a bespoke rough cut diamond engagement ring just for you tailored to your exacting requirements we would love to hear from you.

Drop us a line at and feel free to subscribe to our channel to see these very unique rings as they progress through the design and hand crafted process we love so much! 

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Ronan Campbell
Ronan Campbell


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