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Who To Trust For Advice When Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring?

Hands up who recommends and trusts Campbell Jewellers Dublin for Diamond Engagement Rings?
Recently over in the UK & Dubai two companies have been forced to into liquidation in the public interest for their part in a coloured diamond scam  IGL Labs UK Limited (IGL) and Diffraction Diamonds DMCC (Diffraction) after a hearing in the companies court.
The scam involved IGL which is based near Hatton Garden, providing certificates to Diffraction a company based in Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai. The diamonds were sold to the general public with massively over inflated prices.
IGL never even saw the diamonds they were 'certifying' and increased the actual grade level of the diamonds in order to the justify the massively over inflated price the public were conned into handing over.
No matter how much research a member of the public does before jumping in to buy a diamond engagement ring whether it is for a €500, €5,000, €20,000 or €200,000 ring they will never do more than scratch the surface of the world of diamonds, simply popping into multiple jewellery shops and walking away with the little business card with the price, colour, carat weight very minimal information and comparing that at home against the other 3 or 4 business cards from other jewellery shops and going on the web to look at stock photos of diamonds which seem amazing value does not make you an expert, in fact it will probably confuse you more, that is why you need to put your trust into a company that is long established in the City or town you are considering buying your diamond from. 
Ronan Campbell - Campbell Jewellers Managing Director has been buying and studying diamonds for over 17 years and loves nothing more than explaining to his clients far more than the simplistic "four c's", there are also many wonderful long established jewellers in Dublin City that have amazing reputations built up over years because their clients trust them to provide quality diamonds. There are also others who have themselves little or no real life experience or knowledge who seem to have woke up one day and thought, hey I'm going to sell diamonds. 
At Campbell Jewellers we only buy our diamonds from reputable sources, in many cases from families who for generations have cut and polished diamonds and who we can trust. 'It is trust that makes the diamond business work'.
We see diamonds each week coming into us for valuations bought across the world from Dubai to Grand Cayman with all sorts of dubious certification in regular cases the diamonds are of such poor quality we would never even offer them to a client in the first place. 
For a moment think about how awkward that conversation is for us when we have to explain to a loved up couple who have just returned from a whirlwind engagement all giddy and excited making plans for a wedding to find out they have been sold a dud with no recourse open to them because they actually got what they paid for, maybe the slick sales person glossed over the fact the diamond was artificially enhanced, maybe they just focused on the colour and ignored the poor symmetry, maybe they failed to explain the diamond is milky because of the level or type of fluorescence, the list is endless.
It is far more beneficial to a client to hand over the trust to someone like Ronan Campbell who studies every diamond we offer which is not just bought because it ticks the 4 c's boxes, but because it is a beautiful stone.
Just one of the IGL diamonds presented to us for inspection, this diamond is so poor in quality it really is worthless, the client said he trusted the website it was purchased on. 
IGL Diamond - Scam
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To arrange an appointment with Ronan send an email to ronan@campbelljewellers.com 
Campbell Jewellers Dublin specialising in GIA certified diamonds from 0.5cts all the way up and over 10.00cts in Round, Pear, Princess, Marquise, Asscher, Oval and fantasy cut diamonds, we can also have a diamond specifically cut in a bespoke shape just for you! 
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