Campbell Jewellers Dublin's Diamond Engagement Ring Specialist

For over 17 years those in the know have made appointments with Ronan Campbell of Campbell Jewellers, it is the start of an exciting journey to make or find the finest diamond engagement ring for their loved one.
Ladies and gents who are considering asking their loved ones for their hand in marriage first meet with Ronan at an appointment in his City Centre office or one of his showrooms in either Donnybrook Village our South Frederick St. to discuss their options, of which there are endless possibilities.
Ronan is the Managing Director of Campbell Jewellers Ltd, Ronan Campbell Jewellers Ltd and also DESIGNYARD he has a wonderful team who look after these successful businesses.
His diamonds by appointment business is his very own passion which now takes up the majority of his working week, this separate business benefits from the use of his various premises in the City but also our huge buying power on the international diamond markets, all of these savings are passed on to our clients as there are no middlemen