18k White Gold Peridot Diamond Ring

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Our peridot ring is handmade in our Dublin City studio. Crafted in 18k white gold with a highly polished finish, Set with a beautifully vibrant faceted peridot of 1.65ct. The shoulders are complimented by six round brilliant diamonds of 0.32ct. Each one is custom made and available with an assortment of exquisite coloured gems or diamonds. This piece is currently on display in Designyard
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Peridot is known as the extreme gem as it is generally found in lava and meteorites as well as deep in the earths mantle. The ancient Egyptians called it "gem of the sun"  as well as being the birth stone of August in ancient times it was worn on the left hand to ward off evil spirits! An interesting note some historians believe Cleopatra's famous emerald collection may have in fact been peridot. 

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