COCO88 Sense Clover & Heart Bangle 8CB-20004


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Campbell Jewellers Dublin Is An Official COCO88 Jewellery Stockist

COCO88 is created from the heart and inspired by all elements of nature. The perfect blend of different materials and colors makes each collection come alive. COCO88 jewelry is designed to be worn by women with a love for life and that appreciate the spirit of nature. You will find that every jewel has a deeper meaning and has the ability to make you shine and offer good luck as the number 88 symbolizes. COCO88 Jewelry is handmade and all ingredients are carefully selected. This meticulous process is what makes every piece unique. I hope everyone wearing a COCO88 will feel the same love and joy that went into the creation of every individual jewel.
Love, Coco

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