Handmade Bespoke Wedding Rings


At Campbell Jewellers Donnybrook Village Dublin we love challenges, a recent client visited us with this gorgeous rose gold diamond cluster ring seeking to have a matching wedding ring made. This is something we do every day, in our workshop our skilled craftsmen and women will create the perfect matching wedding ring for any diamond engagement ring no matter how intricate the detail.

If you have been to other jewellery stores and have had no success email ronan@campbelljewellers.com to arrange an appointment and we will look after it from start to finish.

The devil is in the detail, in our state of the art Dublin City workshop we will hand carve any details which is required to create the perfect matching wedding band.

Campbell Jewellers create rings from platinum, palladium, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Our goldsmiths are the best in the business and there is nothing we cannot do.

We love being part of so many clients special days with 100's of wedding cards from our lovely clients we are in this journey together! 

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