Janus Morganite Ring

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Our Janus ring is handmade in our Dublin City studio. Crafted in 18k rose gold with a soft brushed finish, one wall is plain while the other is set with glistening diamonds, you can choose to wear it whichever way you prefer. Each one is custom made and available with an assortment of exquisite coloured gems or diamonds. This piece is currently on display in The Boutique in Adare Manor Hotel Co. Limerick
Would you like a special Janus ring commissioned? Book your appointment with Ronan Campbell to discuss the possibilities email info@campbelljewellers.com 
Our Janus ring is named after Janus the ancient Roman god. Janus was depicted often with two faces, one looking to the future while the other looking to the past. He was the god of duality, beginnings, transitions, passages, doorways and endings.  

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